June 29, 2012

Practices to change your life

What are you waiting for?

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The great thing about Ken McLeod's series on the 37 Practices of the Bodhisattva is that these 5-minute videos manage to pack in a complete teaching and include a practice you can begin right now. "What are you waiting for?" Ken asks. They may just change the course of your day if not your life.

From Ken's commentary this week on Verse 35:

Patterns of emotional reactions are expert at one thing: survival ... They may have been effective coping mechanisms in the immediate circumstances in which they formed, but they are now deeply habituated dysfunctional patterns ... To crush a reaction all you have to do is experience it completely without being consumed by it.

Watch Verse 35 below for a fuller explanation of the application of this simple but powerful practice. No promises of immediate enlightenment, however. As Ken points out, these are practices for a lifetime. Still, the pracitce itself is its own reward.

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Hi Marianne & William,

You can actually watch all of Ken's commentary without an upgraded membership.


Sam Mowe
Associate Editor

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Thank you Sam

williamftyler's picture

Has Tricycle gotten a new marketing manager. All of a sudden we are being bombarded with extras which cost extra. Something about this feels a bit graspy.

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I would like to access Ken's commentary on the previous 34 verses.I understand that I need to upgrade my membership status.You offered a discount for this when purchasing our film festival passes, as I have been a community member only. When I purchased my festival pass I had no extra cash to upgrade but now I do. So how can I upgrade now and get this discount?
Thanks you, Marianne