September 07, 2011

Practical Matters: How to benefit most from mindfulness practice

We're reading B. Alan Wallace's new book, Minding Closely: The Four Applications of Mindfulness, at the Tricycle Book Club. Join us to discuss both the theory and practice of mindfulness. From Minding Closely:

If you have already established a regular practice of meditation, you can easily augment your practice with these techniques. Here are a few considerations, based on my own experience, which may assist you in realizing the most benefit from mindfulness practice:

  • Give yourself a daily allowance of one or more dedicated times for meditation. Early morning hours are classically favored; you are refreshed and least likely to be interrupted.

  • Retreat to a solitary, quiet, softly lit place with fresh air and no distractions. Create good habits by using this space exclusively for meditation—not for work, sleep or entertainment.

  • Establish a comfortable seat, in a sitting or supine posture. Arrange firm support from cushions to minimize discomfort. The best position depends on the practice and your needs.

  • Maintain short sessions. Finish while you're still fresh and wouldn't mind continuing. Slowly increase the length and frequency of sessions, but never past the point of freshness.

  • Relish your meditation! Seeing the results of improved mindfulness and focused attention, you will look forward to meditation and not succumb to procrastination and excuses.

In partnership with Snow Lion Publications, all Tricycle Community Members can get Minding Closely at a 20% discount with free shipping in the US*, plus free e-book for instant download. Get the book now.


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