May 05, 2014

Online Meditation Course: Let's Dance

Discovering the Path of Meditation

Meditation is a transformative path that can guide us to a more reflective and aware way of being.

We’re happy to pair up with Juniper: Meditation Tradition for Modern Life to offer a special online course that will help build competence and confidence in every meditator. Juniper’s founder, Segyu Rinpoche, has taught meditation in America for over 20 years. Juniper has been an online resource for approachable and modern meditation practice for more than a decade.

Let’s Dance: Discovering the Path of Meditation is a home meditation course perfect for those interested in learning meditation or developing their practice. It will provide the knowledge and instruction to become a confident meditator and to engage meditation as a path of growth and well-being.

The course consists of 9 parts, spanning 3 months. Each emailed section includes:

  • An easy-to-read PDF guide
  • Written and guided 5- and 15-minute meditations
  • An agenda for optional group meditation

As a Let's Dance student, you'll also get:

  • Access to our online discussion forum to discuss your meditation ups and downs with fellow students
  • Online interaction with Juniper teachers throughout the course

The best part? No previous meditation experience is required! And the course is suitable for both individuals and groups. Whether you're a solo meditator or an entire sangha, you’ll be taught by the experts: The course design has been developed under the auspices of meditation master Segyu Rinpoche. Juniper co-founders Lawrence Levy and Hillary Brook Levy will provide the guided meditations and answer student questions online.

We’re offering Let's Dance: Discovering the Path of Meditation for only $24 to our Supporting and Sustaining Members. Join Tricycle to become a member and take advantage of this special discount! 

Registration has ended.
Stay tuned for more exciting courses and partnerships.

The course begins on June 2. It’s the perfect way to jump-start your meditation practice . . . especially if you fell off the wagon during this year’s Meditation Month. Registration ends on June 9.

Read more about this meditation course in "Let's Dance," in the current issue of Tricycle. Watch Segyu Rinpoche's online retreat with Tricycle here and read our interview with him here.

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Joanna Piacenza's picture

Hi everyone,

If you're have not received our Juniper course emails, please contact our customer service team. You can reach them at or 1-800-873-9871.

All the best,

stargazer1's picture

I signed up for this course and never received anything. Is it too late to start, or do I need to wait for the next class?

stargazer1's picture

I signed up for this course too, and like those above never received anything. I sent a message via the customer service page, but that is apparently broken. Have I missed the starting window? How can I get started?

jonathannichol's picture

Hi can you please email me the information. I never got an email on the 9th. I signed up last month and expected to hear from you, figured it might start later and I still haven't heard from you. Can you include my email please. I will go to the site put up by Joanna Piacenza on June 4th and start the program.
Thank you.

tshannon's picture

I signed up for this course late and received the 1st week via the link below - posted by tricycle. However, I did not receive an email with today's lesson. Do you know what time they are sent out? Thanks so much!

NOTE: I was able to get today's lesson by following the link again, but would like to make sure my email is working properly.

bill.cook68's picture

I am enjoyiing the meditations and am grateful for the Juniper experience and look forward to our association Thank you.

Lawrence Levy's picture

Happy to hear it. Us too. Thank you.

jrzackin's picture

Can someone please answer? I signed up and paid for the course yesterday and haven't gotten any emails. Does anyone know if there is an email we can use to contact the people giving the retreat? I am having a hard time finding any way to contact anyone personally/

Joanna Piacenza's picture


Everyone who signed up after the course's start will receive Part I and Part II on Monday, June 9. If you can't wait—and you shouldn't!—you can download all the parts here: and join the discussion here:

All the best,
The Tricycle Team

scmkent's picture

I signed up for this course a week or two ago and have not received any further communication. I expected something would be sent out yesterday, but nothing. Is it starting late?

Joanna Piacenza's picture

Hi Sean,

I believe we've been in touch over email. Hope you enjoy the course!

All the best,

jrzackin's picture

I just signed up and have no idea how this works. Are notifications going to be sent to my email? I don't see any instructions.

janice's picture

I'm trying to sign up for the Juniper meditation course at the Tricycle member discounted rate. All the methods I've tried to access have added the full fee to the cart. Please tell me how to sign up for the course and pay the member rate.


Joanna Piacenza's picture

Hi Janice,

I'm sorry you're having difficulty. Can you contact our customer service team? You can reach them at or 1-800-873-9871.

All the best,

gaia.mika's picture

I am a Tricycle member and would like to give this course as a gift to my daughter. May I do that or do I have to have it sent to my email and my computer?

Joanna Piacenza's picture


What a great gift! Please sign up with your account—you'll get a special price with your Tricycle membership—and then email our customer service team that you'd like the Juniper course sent to another email. We'll take it from there! Contact information here: or 1-800-873-9871.

All the best,

mrauser's picture

I was wondering if its starts on June 2 do you need to be logged on at specific times because this a Live event webcast? I think I need to get a "kick in the Pants" although my meditation has helped tremendously,I don't feel as if I know what I am really doing.

Joanna Piacenza's picture

Hi there,

The meditation course is distributed via email, so no need to set your alarm to 3 a.m.! You'll receive materials from us every Monday morning and you can log onto the Tricycle site at any time to leave a question for our meditation experts. They'll be responding to questions throughout the course, so just check back for an answer!


Lawrence Levy's picture

Thanks for the inquiry. You don't need to be logged in to receive the course. Each part will be delivered via email in the form of a PDF file (for the reading and written meditation instruction) and audio files for guided meditation. You can use the audio files on your computer or download them for use on any listening device. Tricycle will also host an online discussion and an online archive for the course materials.

gail.barham's picture

I would like to access the archive for the course materials, but I can't find where to access it. Your assistance is appreciated.

mrauser's picture

Thanks for your clarification. It wil work well for me

Danzen's picture

I think this online course is great for us that have no place to go for proper instruction on meditation. I have signed up and would like to thank Tricycle, and Juniper`s Master Segyu Rinpoche, Lawrence Levy, and Hillary Brook Levy for bringing us this course, so "Lets Dance: and Discover the Path of Meditation".