June 13, 2014

No Try, Just Do

Actor Steve Buscemi speaks about kindness and anger with a Shambhala nun

They make a fairly odd couple. The television and film star Steve Buscemi (Boardwalk Empire, The Big Lebowski) sits alongside Shambhala nun Karma Trime Lhamo, the director of Princeton Buddhist Meditation Group. The setting is incongruous, too: a park bench in the middle of an exhibit at the Rubin Museum of Art. But this strange alchemy—comprising episode six of Buscemi’s web series Park Bench—is an unequivocal delight. Buscemi asks sincerely felt, straightforward questions, while Ani Trime responds with wisdom reminiscent of her late teacher, Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche. Watch as she shares her thoughts on dukkha, meditation, and the importance of being kind. 

Thanks to our friends at the Rubin Museum for tipping us off to this video. See their entire event calendar—including workshops on wellness, mindfulness, and meditation—here.

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sweiz's picture

I've just been watching Boardwalk Empire from a Buddhist perspective so it is lovely to see Buscemi here! When I watch the TV program, I see all these people with their reactivity to their own pain. In the show, their inability to be with their pain manifests and the most dramatic violence! When I watch this, I can see, we all have this. The show makes it more extreme so we can see it so clearly but we should not make the mistake in thinking we are not the same as Al Capone and Nukky.

mmckendry's picture

Help! I can not view this video, says that the video is not available in this country (I am in Australia)

Joanna Piacenza's picture

Hey international readers!

Unfortunately, this is not our video so we can't tweak its access. This link has worked for some users: http://realestate.aol.com/blog/videos/real-estate/518253367/.

Best of luck and thanks for watching!

All the best,

Douglass St.Christian's picture

This is a problem with the owner of the YouTube channel -- AOL Originals -- who have restricted country access on their channel.

conroy.r's picture

Not available in Ireland either.

peterfclark's picture

I am in Canada and have the same problem. I would greatly like to see this. Please help. thank-you!

indonesiatravelling's picture

to be a successful person you just need to do it and sometimes the risk will come later, but if you have no regret at all it means that you have learn something, you will feel more regret if you never do anything. well at least you tried :)