March 04, 2011

Niwano Peace Prize to be awarded to Thai Buddhist leader


Tokyo, March 3 (ENInews)--The Tokyo-based Niwano Peace Foundation has announced it will award its 2011 Peace Prize to Sulak Sivaraksa, a Thai Buddhist leader.

The foundation said the presentation ceremony will take place in Tokyo on 19 May. In addition to an award certificate, Sulak will receive a medal and 20 million yen (US$242,743). The foundation said Sulak is "a remarkable and multifaceted Buddhist leader whose work for peace is exemplified by courage, determination, imagination, and the constant inspiration of the core principles of his Buddhist faith."

It said that "Sulak has helped to change the views of political leaders, scholars, and young people in Thailand, Asia, and the world, encouraging a new understanding of peace, democracy, and development. He challenges accepted approaches that fail to give priority to poor citizens, men and women alike."

It said he has "over a lifetime of dedicated service and unflagging commitment, given new life to ancient Buddhist teachings about nonviolence and about peace and justice." Sulak's advocacy for the environment is another important reason to honor him, according to the foundation.

"He speaks forcefully against environmental destruction, promoting environmental preservation and environmental justice," the foundation said.

Read the complete piece here.

To read Tricycle's Summer 1992 interview with Sulak Sivaraksa, click here.



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