August 18, 2011

New at the Tricycle Gallery! Contemporary Tibetan Art by Gonkar Gyatso

I am very happy to announce the addition of 6 works of Contemporary Tibetan Art by Gonkar Gyatso to the Tricycle Gallery!

Based out of London, New York and Beijing, Gonkar Gyatso is the founder of the contemporary Tibetan art gallery The Sweet Tea House and his work has been internationally published and exhibited in galleries and museums worldwide. One of his pieces was recently used for the cover for Ponlop Rinpoche's book, Rebel Buddha.
About his newest works, which combine elements of pop art, collage, and traditional Buddhist iconography, Gyatso explains,

My current work comes out of a fascination with material and pop culture and a desire to bring equal attention to the mundane as well as the extraordinary, the imminent and the superfluous. These contradictions are often found in the same painting. The work can be very silly and uncanny and at the same time come out of concerns that are shaping our times. I love poking fun and fill my work with a kind of unabashed whimsy and imagination.

Now that these pieces are joining the Tricycle Gallery alongside the collection of Himalayan Art from the Rubin Museum of Art, paintings by Hakuin, and the contemporary Buddhist art of Mike + Doug Starn, which can all be downloaded and printed for personal use, as desktop wallpaper on a computer or mobile device, and can be sent through email as gifts for friends. Browse this new set here.

Shambhala in Modern Times


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