February 25, 2011

New at the Tricycle Gallery! Contemporary Buddhist Art by Mike + Doug Starn

I am very happy to announce the addition of 13 works of Contemporary Buddhist Art by Mike + Doug Starn to the Tricycle Gallery. We at Tricycle have long been fans of the Starn brothers, and on three seperate occasions have used their work as our cover art. From the Guanyin print on the Spring 2006 issue, the Ganjin print on the Winter 2009 issue, or the photograph of a meditator sitting amidst the Starn's Big Bambu installation on top of the Metropolitan Museum of Art that we used this Winter, we really can't seem to get enough.

Now that these works are joining the Tricycle Gallery along with the collection of Himalayan Art from the Rubin Museum of Art and the Hakuin paintings that recently appeared at the Japan Society, they can be downloaded and printed for personal use, as desktop wallpaper on a computer or mobile device, and can be sent through email as gifts for friends. Browse this new set here.















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