July 01, 2013

New Online Retreat: Working & Playing with the Breath

Our new online retreat with Thanissaro Bhikkhu, abbot of the Metta Forest Monastery, delves into various aspects of recognizing, understanding, and cultivating the breath. Emphasizing the practice of "playing with the breath," Thanissaro Bhikkhu walks us through developing sensitivity to the breath, patiently observing it, and then learning to manipulate the rhythms of our breath-energy as a means to "feel out" tension within the body. This retreat is based off of Thanissaro Bhikkhu's book, With Each & Every Breath, free to download with the retreat.

If you are a Tricycle Supporting or Sustaining Member, you can watch this week's retreat here. If not, join or upgrade your membership here.

Check out the preview of this week's retreat below:

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