September 16, 2011

Natural Bravery: Week 2 of Gaylon Ferguson's Tricycle Retreat

Week two of Gaylon Ferguson's Tricycle Retreat, "Natural Bravery," comes to a close today. If you've missed the first two weeks, it's not too late to join while Ferguson is still responding to all participants. Week 3 starts on Monday. One student writes:

Love this series. It is very basic and one of the toughest instructions to take on as a practitioner. The basic compassion of engaging others is essential, and he is so kind in his vocalizations about things. Very peaceful to listen and try to understand this process through his words. Fear is a barrier to change, which is essential to peace and compassion. I wish I could bow with people more without them thinking oddly of me!

Ferguson responds:

Inner bow always possible. Suzuki Roshi used to say we should bow in every moment, right up to and including our death.

Join the retreat here. Not a Tricycle Community Supporting or Sustaining Member? Become one.


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