April 23, 2012

The Most Organized Man in America

Video Teaching with Andrew Mellen

As promised in last week's Tricycle Talk with Andrew Mellen, today we have for you a video teaching with the most organized man in America. Think the state of your living space isn't connected to your Buddhist practice? Think again.

Watch Mellen work his magic on my desk below—and see me cower under the principles of the organizational triangle. The video is full of advice on how to approach cleaning your own living space, so best of luck in your own organizational endeavors! I'm happy to report that in the two weeks since my desk got organized that it is still...almost as clean. (What can I say? Like spiritual practice, staying organized requires both diligence and the formation of new habits. And that doesn't happen all at once, you know!)

We hope you enjoy watching, and let us know if you'd like to see more Tricycle videos!

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maitrimusings's picture

I really enjoyed Andrew's article...It inspired me. And now, having watched the video, Emma and Andrew have both motivated me to get organized! I love the simplicity of the organizational triangle and I found the tip about taking before & after pictures so that you can't fool yourself into thinking you didn't accomplish anything. His guidelines just make so much sense! Thank you.

adkins.ronald's picture

Thank you for sharing your clutter and the great ideas!!!

areese's picture

Thank you for the video, Andrew is most encouraging and I am inspired to take a photo, get out my timer and give a whole-hearted 30 minutes to some needed organization. I know how good it feels to have space that is good to occupy and draws one to mindfulness. Please keep making videos! Cheers

pmcrae's picture

This was great! I really needed that good advice...

elizabeth braid's picture

Love the video idea... more would be great.

fishman.ellen's picture

Thank you, enjoyed the tips and the smiles.

Katarina Fischer's picture

Wonderful! This was very helpful, thank you for posting this fun and inspiring video, now things will start happening here in Stockholm. ;-)

Mr. Natural's picture

Talk about "practice"! This is truly practical practice! Thanks.

ace's picture

Great job Emma and Andrew. I agree that creating and organizing physical space helps you mentally as well. Thanks for allowing Andrew into your home to do the video; it made the piece realistic. Good memory tips Andrew. Keep the videos coming!

Emma Varvaloucas's picture

Hi aimless, thank you for your kind words! I hope to keep the videos coming as well.

cobham's picture

Enjoyable, inspires me to tidy my desk! Gonna try and get my teenage son to watch it too :)

Emma Varvaloucas's picture

Hi cobham, thanks for your comment, and I'm glad you enjoyed it the video! Best of luck to both you and your son...if there's one thing I've learned from making this video, being organized when a professional organizer comes to help you is one thing. But staying organized after he leaves is another! :)

Dominic Gomez's picture

Then say to him, "Organized is as organized does". ;-)