August 13, 2012

Mindfulness and Addiction Recovery: Week 2 of Josh Korda's Retreat

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Week 2 of Josh Korda's retreat Making Friends with Your Demons and Hungry Ghosts: Buddhist Tools for Recovery begins today. Josh continues to explore and dismantle the magical illusion that we can get rid of life's stresses and discomforts by particular (often addictive) behavior patterns. Developing a peaceful breath along with cultivating wholesome mental states gives us the space to separate self-critical mental chatter from cyclically destructive behavior. The space cultivated by an easeful breath-body allows one to avoid being pushed and pulled by feeling of fear, despair and worry. This week, Josh offers the second and third foundations of mindfulness, a focus on feeling, moods and thoughts as another method to explore and ultimately let go of incessant, harmful states.

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Here's a preview for all:



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