February 08, 2013

Meditation Month: Guided Body Scan Meditation

Cator ShachoyIt's Meditation Month here at Tricycle! That means it's time to join the Tricycle staff in making the commitment to sit every day of February—no exceptions and no excuses. We're blogging our triumphs and tribulations here on the Trike blog and at Vipassana teacher Sharon Salzberg's "Real Happiness" website throughout the month. We'll also be sharing videos, audio interviews, articles, and tips from well-known Buddhist teachers that will help you develop and maintain a meditation practice.

Today, we have a 45-minute body scan meditation by Youth Yoga Dharma founder Cator Shachoy. Cator is a craniosacral practitioner currently living in San Francisco who teaches yoga and meditation to adults and youth. She's currently leading a discussion over on our Community page about how to work with pain while we sit.

One good way to gently get in touch with the pain in our body is with a body scan, during which we slowly sweep our attention from our feet to our head. Listen below as Cator guides you through the process.

More from Cator Shachoy:

The Real Stuff—Sitting with Pain
A Real Pain in the Butt: Some hard facts about sitting, the sciatic nerve, aging, and your pelvis

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Guided Body Scan-45 minutes

chikombo's picture

Thank you Cator Shachoy - to find you and the body scan on day 8 was a challenge and then to re-find you on day 9 another! And I did and gratefully.
Thank you Sharon and Tricycle and this Sangha.
love to you all