February 23, 2012

Meditation Month: Gratitude

Sam Mowe

Let me confess: I haven't meditated yet today. Usually, I like to sit in the morning, but today I just woke up too late. So what I did instead, on my subway commute to work, was make a list of things that I'm thankful for. This practice doesn't help build concentration like sitting meditation does, but it can help uplift tired spirits. If you don't believe me, you should seriously give it a shot. I'm not sure this fits in exactly with the Meditation Month theme, but here's a challenge: Try making a list of things that you're grateful for and not feeling pretty darn good about things generally.

On this unseasonably warm February day, my list stuck to the basics: air to breath, clean water to drink, and access to parks full of trees.

What's on your list?

Have you joined Meditation Month yet? It's not too late! Throughout February we'll be posting videos, audio interviews, articles, and tips from well-known Buddhist teachers. If you need more personal advice for your practice, "Meditation Doctor" and Zen teacher Brad Warner will be answering reader questions here all month. Our meditation e-book, free to supporting and sustaining members, includes 25 articles on meditation that will help you develop and maintain your meditation practice. You can download the Tricycle Teachings: Meditation e-book here.

Image: from the Flickr photosteam of luce_beaulieu


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