February 26, 2013

Meditation Month, Day 26: No more planning

Rachel Hiles

This week I’ve been working on practicing lovingkindness and one of the phrases that Sharon suggested for week 4’s lovingkindness practice has really resonated with me:  

I wish you happiness and peace, and I know I cannot make your decisions for you.  

I love planning.  I love planning so much that that when my loved ones fail to make plans or decisions, I try to fill that empty future space for them. I imagine that this is helpful, but it often leads to difficult situations when my plans for them don’t reflect their personal wants and needs. My desire to help and my belief that I know “what’s best” for those close to me comes from a positive place—I want my friends and family to be happy. But when I don’t allow them to make their own decisions, it leads to anger, frustration, and disappointment for everyone.  

So for the past few days I’ve been practicing walking meditation and repeating the phrase I wish you happiness and peace, and I know I cannot make your decisions for you (with a special emphasis on the second half of the sentence!) as I walk. As each day passes, I’m finding it’s easier and easier to let go of the narrative that I know what’s best, and I’m learning to let life unfold for my loved ones, without constantly intervening.

—Rachel Hiles, Managing Editor

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chikombo's picture

I'm about to leave for a retreat (retreat within a retreat!)
Thank you Sharon and everyone for this one.
Very helpful.
And I shall take the loving kindness practice with me and think of you all.