January 31, 2012

Meditation Month begins tomorrow!

Tricycle's meditation e-bookTomorrow we'll begin Tricycle Meditation Month, a month full of tools and resources that will help you establish and maintain a meditation practice. Throughout February we'll be conducting audio interviews with meditation instructors, posting videos of guided meditations given by well-known Buddhist teachers, blogging about our experiences meditating everyday, offering heart-advice, sharing practical tips for getting on the cushion, and taking your questions for the "Meditation Doctor," Zen teacher Brad Warner. We'll also be discussing the material from our new e-book, Tricycle Teachings: Meditation, which Supporting or Sustaining Members of the Tricycle Community can download for free at tricycle.com beginning tomorrow.

Tricycle staff members will also be participating in Sharon Salzberg's 28-day meditation challenge, which you can learn more about here.

Tune in to tricycle.com tomorrow to download your copy of the free e-book and join us for Day 1 of Meditation Month! 

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aewhitehouse's picture

Whether it be a yoga challenge or a meditation challenge, seems like I'm always a week late finding out!

billmarsh10's picture

Thank you for the free book. I did receive it via an email with a link after following directions. I was confused by resigning up and all last month, yet there is a link for people who are already members. Apparently, this has been a lesson of patience for many of us.

KonchokRangdrol's picture

Still, after 2 days, I have not been able to download the pdf file. And I think I now have three different accounts. : )

Everytime I log onto the site, and click on the "Meditation Month" photo link, I am actually taken here, to Comments section?

I must say that the log-on, sign-on process is very complicated. I have had problems before, and it's not like I am new at this.

If there is anyone at Tricycle monitoring comments, I am asking for help.

If I need to purchase the book, which is supposed to be free then please clarify. I don't want people thinking or saying that this is a scam.

I too have filled out the forms, received by FREE membership receipt, etc., but still, no banana.

I don't need another meditation book, but I thought it was giving some sort of instruction for the monthly sittings, time, etc.

Philip Ryan's picture

The ebook is free to Supporting or Sustaining Members, who do pay a fee to join up on the site. We're sorry for the confusion. You can call 1-800-873-9871 with questions.

Best wishes,

ithomas2's picture

Phillp, truly, thank you for the information. As a paying member, I started to wonder why I have to sign up for new member ship - again - to participate.
Glad to hear that everything is fine.
-/\- Best!

buddhasukha's picture

I am so looking toward to meditation month! I could definitely use some help with my practice

Kalamota's picture

Hello everybody, I sure do need this course right now, my practice has lapsed awhile under illness and highly stressful events that got the better of me. But I'm looking forward to spending February with you good people. Though I have to confess, seeing the anxious and confused comments about signing in and downloading the ebook has made me rather relieved. I had just such difficulties some while back and felt exactly the same. I'm glad I wasn't alone in finding the process tricky! :-)

danbarnes80's picture

You have to "buy" the book, just like paying for anything through this site, except the price is $0. After you place your "order", you get a link in your email from which you can download your choice of 3 formats.

carol.bult's picture

I received two emails. The first email was a receipt (for $0). A few minutes later, an email came with the link to the download page. I tried to follow links from the receipt email to get the e-book... but I just needed to wait a minute until the second email came.

techne's picture

since this entire process is increasing my anxiety, I think I'll just go meditate. This is seeming like another money-sucking scam. weird.

Philip Ryan's picture

Hello, everyone! Thanks for your interest in Meditation Month here at Tricycle.com! If you have support questions, please ask them at tricycle.com/support. That's the best way to get your questions answered quickly.

TW77's picture

Are you sure you're filling out the correct link? You should end up here:


Enter your info, you get an email almost instantaneously with a direct link to the download. Unless they changed it but that's how it worked for me. If you're already a memeber you don't need to "re-join".

KonchokRangdrol's picture


I have the same problem. I have joined, signed in, clicked on various links which lead me to the 30 day committment, but no idea or info about what kind of time committment, etc. And I can't find the pdf either.

Maybe this too is a test. :)

rcksolie's picture

I have ordered and received an email message with an order number, but still have no idea how to download the meditation book, or other free ebooks I have ordered. I am a member and logged in, but then where is it? I don't find it under my account -- only profile info. Thanks for the help.

KonchokRangdrol's picture

@PCV Ellen. Thanks for the support of community and on the appropriate use of the word "gay"!

KonchokRangdrol's picture


You may have to check your email, they will send you a password, and then you go back to their site, log in, and change your password.

sbutzel's picture

I've tried renewing and upgrading my membership and then coming back to the link travis.wedge listed above, but I still don't see a way to download the actual book. Will I receive a link in an email from Tricycle? Maybe I'll wait a couple of hours, meditate, and check back again :)

TW77's picture

You don't need to re-join. I got mine...click the link: http://www.tricycle.com/join then look on the bottom righ hand corner: Already a Tricycle Community Supporting or Sustaining Member?
Click here to take advantage of this special offer.

This book is sweet...thanks!!

katykate238's picture

Thanks Travis!
They should have made this more obvious - seems lots of people are having trouble finding it.

ithomas2's picture

Thank you!! Excellent!

boiester's picture

Hi, I got my order this way, but no instructions about how to down load the book. Can you assist?

ithomas2's picture

Did you receive the link . Click on it - and download one of the offered versions. I like the pdf.

info86's picture

Apparently so.....How Gay is that!

PCV_Ellen's picture

Maybe we can think of a different word to use than "gay" to describe something unpleasant.

astringfellow's picture

Actually, you are wrong to criticize the use, in this case. How you interpret the meaning ought to be tied in to the context that the original author intended. In this case, obviously the comment wasn't referring to homosexuality but rather the sense (or lack thereof) in Tricycle not posting the link today for all to use.

Further, if one is to act as the word police, it's probably wiser to know the full meaning of the term "gay" which has many different uses. The use apt for this particular context is perhaps:

Gay - "With implied sense of depreciation: Airy, off-hand."
eg; 1779–81 Johnson L.P., Pope Wks. IV. 21 Fenton‥made him a gay offer of five pounds.    Ibid. 99 Gay indifference

The first use of the term in the context you are possibly interpreting, was not recorded for another 156 Years. However, even today, the word "gay" has far broader use among the less intellectually limited and less sensitive souls. It seems that info86 was correct in their use of the term "gay".

Thank you Tricycle, for offering the free e-book, which I understand will be available from tomorrow.

lucas.morgan's picture

When choosing words you can consider the dictionary definition, and you might also try to consider their affect on others, in THEIR contexts, which may be very different from your own. And for many people I know who identify as sexual minorities, no matter how the word was intended, using "gay" other than to describe a part of a person's identity is extremely hurtful. Maybe you can try and argue that a person's hurt is justified or not, but that does not mean hurt doesn't exist in a person. I know this usage hurts people, and if you are not sure, ask. "Right Speech" according to the Buddha includes non-harming. And so in some cases "correct speech" according to a dictionary's definition is not necessarily the same as "right speech" according to the Dharma.

astringfellow's picture

"...you might also try to consider their affect on others, in THEIR contexts, which may be very different from your own. And for many people I know who identify as sexual minorities, no matter how the word was intended, using "gay" other than to describe a part of a person's identity is extremely hurtful...."

Just as there are many people, myself included, who disapprove of the narrow-mindedness of certain people who want to own a particular word in a new, exclusive context, censuring and banning all other uses for said word.

If you take the time to actually read the original poster's use of the word "Gay" it was clearly in the context of conveying Tricycle's approach to the e-book "giveaway". Another reader then misinterpreted the word's contextual placement for a slur on homosexuals, causing the o/p to apologize.

Had the o/p meant to abuse others by using the word "gay" I could have understood the initial reply. But in this case, the criticism was misplaced. I understood what they meant, but many others, including you perhaps, did not. To try to convince me that homosexuals have absolute exclusivity on using "gay," disregarding it's myriad other uses over far greater time and woe betide any who would try to use it for an original meaning is bovine.

When using words, especially from the English language in all of it's beauty, being able to elicit and recognize nuance and context are essential. Something which is increasingly lacking in a society which favors laziness in speech (and so it follows, thought).

Trying to leverage the argument by using a rather Procrustean mention of The Buddha, right speech and the Dharma was at best, dubious. The Buddha was a scholar, and undoubtedly able to decipher context, for which I am grateful.

As to my own position, I spent many years in an education system very different from the American rote system, and learned the value of nuance, provenance, etymology and context. I stand by my original point.

lucas.morgan's picture

You stand by your point, as of course you are free to do, and by the tone of complete certainty in your views that your posts imply, I don't believe anything I or anyone else would write could change that. To me this issue is not about owning words, but about choices and their consequences. If I do not know that a word I use causes harm and I use the word, I cause harm out of an understandable ignorance. If I know that the word causes harm to some people and I still use it, regardless of my intent I may cause harm. A person is free to choose "correctness" or "accuracy" over compassion and non-harming, but know that this is a choice once one is aware that it causes harm. In my life I hope to become more aware of how I unwittingly cause harm, and try to align my actions with my values as I learn. I hope to cause less harm, and hold less tightly to my views, and of course, these are my own aspirations, and we are all on our own paths. Metta

astringfellow's picture

But, the facts remain the same. What you appear to be asking/telling others to do is to lower ones grammatical standards by only applying a colloquial usage to certain words, lest one's use offend a person less educated/informed in the use of said word.

While I do believe in diplomacy and cultural sensitivity, I do not believe that we should attempt or agree to limit a language to the lowest common denominator. It is already problematic enough that 140 characters are accepted as an "essay" in certain American schools, and that "SMS" abbreviated language has been a convenient tool for laziness to hide behind.

As to the word in question, if we were to look at the the original, 75 year old application of the word "gay" to homosexuality, (which was actually "geycat" not "gay") we would see that it was prison slang for highlighting a "camp" and effeminate nature of boy homosexuals. It became "mainstream for the marginalized" in 1969 by the Village Voice placing an advertisement to the homosexual community coining the term "Gay Liberation Front".

The fact that it is now accepted, nay, forced, by many as a euphemism for homosexuality makes it just that, a mere proxy for what ought to be the word "homosexual". As its earliest recorded use was an 11th Century word meaning "ill-fitting" one can hardly deny history and justify being offended for it's use by the o/p in this blog. To do so, would be to join the ranks of Jews and politicians who now call any use of the Yungdrung (Swastika) into question, despite it's Holy 18,000 year origins.

Any person or group is welcome to use a pre-existing word for their own cause, but to try to compel others to cease all use of that word for any other application save their own is, at best, hypocritical; to be offended regarding such a differing use, is to ignore the potential offense caused to others by such a censure.

After all, I might be personally offended that I can no longer use the word "gay" for describing happiness; stinginess or bright. Am I not entitled to use this word for such long-standing definitions when stated in context?

I might also be offended by the propensity of others to openly state their sexual orientation in public, and who seem to believe that we really ought to know which side of the bed they sleep in. Personally, straight, homosexual, lesbian, bi, trans-gender, I don't care. Nevertheless, I am told. Constantly. I agree that the homosexual community have been painfully and unjustly treated, but rightfully, times are changing. Perhaps it's time for subtlety and discretion once more; despite same-sex relationships having been adopted as a social norm, the ancient Greeks did not conceive of sexual orientation as a social identifier, and I believe they were wiser than we currently are.

As to your comment regarding the impossibility of changing my mind, you are mistaken. I am very open to debate. It's simply that, in my opinion, you did not put your case forward convincingly enough. Peace.

jazzeastman's picture

"You are wrong to criticize" you say. Does this make you "right" to criticise? Is my spelling of "criticise" right, or is your "criticize" right. I see merely differing opinions: different points of view, different sensibilities, different textures of life experiences. Language, like everything else in this life, is fluid, ever changing, never fixed. What makes it "right"or "wrong" is simply the generally accepted usage at the time, in that place, within a context, and yet everyone will still see it slightly differently. Grasping onto a static definition is out of kilter with this reality of constant change and different perceptions. Somehow we still manage to communicate despite all of this. Amazing.

astringfellow's picture

If you are an American, your spelling is "right" whereas being English, mine was "right".

"..Grasping onto a static definition is out of kilter with this reality of constant change and different perceptions"..

I agree, which is why I gave a differing definition more in line with the contextual intention of the o/p.

As to my criticism (you'll notice no 'z' there) again, I thought I inferred that it was due to, in this case, the word-police being a little too 'PC'. Personally, I am never quite happy with the lazy form of English that many seem to be fond of today.

I believe that Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche was correct in his theory that "People need to know how to speak properly! Properly!" and that attention to speech and correct wording is an intrinsic part of one's spritual improvement. He even wrote "How to speak the English language and how not to speak Americanism!"

Not sure what your point was, but thank you for your 'input.'

info86's picture

Sorry, you are right. :)

Karma Lodro Senge's picture

So we have to rejoin to get it???

Sam Mowe's picture

Hi all,

You can find the e-book here: http://www.tricycle.com/join


Karma Lodro Senge's picture

I too can not find the ebook. If anyone knows where it can be found, please post here.

jazzeastman's picture

It says in the above paragraph that it isn't available until tomorrow. I didn't see it either: I looked over & searched the rest of the site and then sent an email! Then I read the above paragraph. Oh. Now I look to the right on this page and see a talk by Allan Lokos on Patience ...

lotusrainfive's picture

Where is the link to download the meditation ebook, the only link i could find takes me to the generosity ebook download?

lotusrainfive's picture

Cant wait to get started, sounds fun