January 13, 2013

May I Be Healthy: Second Week of Cyndi Lee's Retreat

In "May I Be Healthy," the second week of our January retreat, "May I Be Happy: Getting Realigned for the New Year," Cyndi Lee leads us in a variety of practices that are meant to "cut through our habitual momentum of distraction." She asks us to ask ourselves, "What do I do to avoid being present?"

By refocusing our attention on ourselves, we can take responsibility for our own perceptions and actions, and begin the path toward happiness, health, safety, and a life with ease. 

Cyndi leads us in a series of meditations, starting with shamata, then the maitri (lovingkindness) meditation, then another shamatha, before wrapping up with yoga.


If you are a Tricycle Supporting or Sustaining Member, you can watch this week's retreat here. If not, join or upgrade your membership here.

Check out the preview of this week's retreat below:


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