February 29, 2012

Lewis Richmond Online Retreat Beginning March 5

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This coming Monday, March 5th, Zen Buddhist author and teacher Lew Richmond will lead the online community in a month-long retreat. The retreat focuses on the spiritual significance of aging, deepening our appreciation of each breath as our bodies and minds change through the course of time. The retreat coincides with Mr. Richmond's new book, Aging as a Spiritual Practice, an excerpt of which is found in the new spring issue of Tricycle. He is also interviewed by editor and publisher James Shaheen here.

Join us at the Aging as a Spiritual Practice retreat Monday as we explore what it means to age mindfully, and enjoy doing it.  Please, do not be turned away if you are young. (Age is relative, anyway!) Richmond's insights will prove invaluable to young and old alike—we will all age, after all! Richmond will participate in the discussion that takes place on the retreat pages—share your insights and your questions starting Monday.

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