March 07, 2011

Letting Go, with Pamela Gayle White and Khedrub Zangmo

Today we begin a new four-week video retreat on Letting Go with two teachers from the Bodhi Path organization, Pamela Gayle White and Khedrub Zangmo. Their topic is of course letting go, which cuts to the heart of every practice and every tradition. What is it that we need to let go of? The things we are holding onto that limit us.

The Week 1 teaching is called "The Result" and defines the goals of the practice. The teaching itself is about 25 minutes long, and there is a bonus meditation instruction video that also runs 25 minutes. Additionally, there are instructions in the Supplemental materials section to guide you in your practice throughout the week and to provide materisla for further reading and study.

You need to be a Supporting or Sustaining Member of the Tricycle Community to participate in the whole retreat, which included direct interation with the teachers in the form of discussions that follow each teaching, but you can view both Week 1 videos by becoming a Basic Member, which is free. Two-minute preview videos are available for each teaching if you'd just like to take a look. The Week 1 video is below.

Join us today in Letting Go!


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