July 16, 2012

Leaving the Baggage Behind: Week 2 of Anam Thubten's Retreat

Today marks the second week of Anam Thubten's retreat on the Art of Awareness. This week's talk is titled "Leaving the Baggage Behind."

He shares with us the notion of courage as a universal spiritual path for facing our unconscious negativities and veils of defensive mechanisms. Facing our individual and collective karma with courage enables us to realize life's intrinsic richness and interconnection. Awareness, he teaches us, is the simple illuminating presence that purifies our psychological issues and allows us to live fully even at times when our human journeys feel like "one big challenging initiation."

The simplicity of Anam Thubten's wisdom reminds us the power of the Dharma beyond complex practices or goals. If you are a Tricycle Supporting or Sustaining Member, you can now watch this week's retreat here. If not, join or upgrade your membership here

Here's a preview:

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