September 07, 2007

L.A. Buddha Project

longbinchen.jpgLong-Bin Chen has a way cool exhibit of "Reading Sculptures" -- sculptures made out of old reading material -- at the Frank Pictures Gallery in Santa Monica. Not exactly sure what went into the Buddha head at right. And check out this Long-Bin Chen sculpture from 2005 made out of Manhattan phone books.

If you're in the southeast U.S., look for "Mystical Images of Tibet" in Myrtle Beach.

Check out this cool blog on Tantric deities -- with many pretty pictures!

Live near Portland, Oregon and want a Zen Buddhist to organize your home?:

Holgate Zen Buddhist will organize your home. Ross Farrier, proprietor of “Zen Home”, offers to makeover rooms, do feng shui/color consulting, and organize homes sustainably, in keeping with the principles he has learned as a Zen Buddhist. The slogan of the business is “using less, living more”. Farrier, who is based near 50th and S.E. Holgate Boulevard, can be reached at 503/236-7820, or via e-mail at:

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