September 07, 2011

Karen Armstrong on 9/11 and the dark side of religion

9/11 caught almost all of us by surprise, and now it may also be surprising that this terrible day happened almost ten years ago. In the month of September on, we'll be considering 9/11 and the storm of anger and fear it brought into our lives.

Visit this Tricycle Community discussion to hear what "Buddhist Atheist" Stephen Batchelor and Acharya Judy Lief of the Shambhala tradition had to say about the events of 9/11 in our November 2001 issue. Then read our 2003 interview with Karen Amrstrong, who, amid the furious buildup to war with Saddam Hussein's Iraq, was speaking sensibly about fundamentalism's phony claims to authenticity.

After the weekend of 9/11 this year, Karen Amrstrong will join for a us a discussion of how to turn from what may religion's darkest hour to making the best use of the idea tha underlies all spiritual traditions: compassion. Discuss "Karen Armstrong and Religious Fundamentalism."

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