February 09, 2012

Journey Into Buddhism series on WGBH PBS Boston

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On February 23, Boston's PBS channel 2 WGBH will play two parts of writer-director John Bush's breathtaking trilogy, 'Journey into Buddhism', which is sponsored in part by Tricycle. From 8pm-9:30pm, 'Dharma River' will show, presenting a look at the ancient temples and shrines along the coast of Laos, Thailand and Bhurma. Immediately after is 'Prajna Earth' 9:30-11pm, which takes the audience through Angkor in Cambodia, and also ventures down into Bali and Java to explore the convergence of Hindu and Buddhist cultures.

If you don't live in Boston, contact your local PBS station and request that they put it on the air. These films are beautifully shot, and the backing musical score by David Hykes only adds to their greatness.

To watch all trailers for the trilogy, check out the Direct Pictures website, and to watch more films about Buddhism and Buddhist-related topics, check out the Tricycle Film Club!

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