December 15, 2010

Joseph Goldstein at InsightLA, January 4th

This afternoon I spoke with Vipassana teacher Joseph Goldstein today about his upcoming event at InsightLA, the difficulties of this "most wonderful time of the year" (December Dukkha) and more. We'll have the audio up on the site soon. In the meantime, if you're in southern California in the new Year, be sure to check out his InsightLA event.

A few years back, several teachers volunteered their time and wisdom to answer questions from Tricycle readers. Joseph Goldstein was among them. In one of his answers he expressed this thought:

In Buddhist understanding, impermanence, unsatisfactoriness due to this changing nature, and selflessness are the characteristics of all arising experience. The truth of change is obvious to us all (although we sometimes choose to ignore it). When we understand deeply the changing nature of phenomena, that whatever arises will also pass away, we then begin to see for ourselves that passing experience does not have the capacity to provide lasting fulfillment...

Read the rest of this Q&A here.

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