May 19, 2010

Jeff Bridges and Bernie Glassman: A Conversation (Part 1). A Tricycle Web Exclusive

To watch part 2 of this conversation, click here.

Click here for Katy Butler's interview with Jeff Bridges from our Fall 2010 issue.

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bkelley1's picture

I really enjoyed this conversation. At first I was put off by the perception that they were both stoned. But, as I listened, it reminded me of late night conversations I've had with friends. One point I really enjoyed was when Jeff was talking about acting on "Tron". With all of the CGI... Using green siuts ect... a very nonorganic environment. All things are constantly changing. Including the way (some) movies are made. To be able to adapt and still bring forth your craft as an artist, I think is pretty cool. A good lesson to all of us.

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susy's picture

i can't get this video to show on this library puter i'm using rite now. eager to hear this. i hope i will get to soon. can you read a print online version? thanks for info.

The Zen Dude - Conector - OESQUEMA's picture

[...] só que pérola: a revista Trycicle promoveu um bate papo de 40 minutos, dividido em duas partes, entre Jeff Bridges e Bernie Glassman. Bridges, você conhece. Provavelmente pelo sua icônica atuação em O Grande Lebowski, obra dos [...]

Lisa Moore's picture

As a woman who married young and soon found out the isolation of the suburbs; began to meditate and then live in Buddhist communities; I think the future community is Glassman's Zen House model. Integrating introspection with engagement through community.

Meditation, food and music...........................a great combo!
Where can I find out about the "Zen House Model"?

There are great houses in Boulder for sale, but then there is the money question.

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sylvie calvet's picture

As one of the main point of buddhism is the realisation of the emptiness of a true self , i don't see why not call it buddhism, though , caring about others is of course humanism . but one thing is right is that some " teachers" whether real or a myth , are put on a pedestal and are some how separated from the " base" . The fact also that some schools view that ultimate help to others is through one first working on liberating one's mind in order to be able to help others not just through their material needs , but to be able to free their own mind of samasara which is permanent suffering , and this leads sometimes in no relative compassion for the sake of ultimate Compassion ! It turns in communities where different people have different levels of understanding and progress making it sometimes impossible to communicate with one an other . An other major disadvantage of this way of placing some Teachers on a pedestal is the tremendous feeling of competition and all the manifestations of hatred and jalousy when one " alien" to a community , visits it along with such a " place on a pedestral person ."

I think that a good way to make everyone feel at ease and not different would be that door is open and everyone entering could choose to go on the serving side of the table or on the served side
and then , as Bernie says sharing activities whithout caring who's receiver and who's the giver as buddhists anyway we all know this labels are just mind 's creation .In India when a meal is offered along with a ceremony , anyone can sit and be served with noone wondering if the person seating next come from outside of was invited to the ceremony and meal .

Florence Rastogi's picture

Yes, both of them are likeable, beautiful people.. One can sense the excitement the 'Zen house' movement creates, and the way good people respond.

Couldn't all this movement be done - just as human beings? Without wearing Buddhism on our sleeves but in the name of humanity.? When i read the title of a blog 'Bearing Witness', i object. It should be 'Engaged humans' - not 'Engaged Buddhism'. We are not the Salvation Army of Buddhism, making people meditate for their supper. It becomes prozelitysing.. am i the only one to object? It may even harm the way people view Buddhists, in the long run.

In India where i live, there are lots of individuals, NGOs and other organisations trying to act in similar way... in the name of 'Insaanyat' (humanity). Movie stars, sportspersons.. they all do their bit.

Hia's picture

Very inspiring, beautiful illustration of how living the dharma can be about creativity, art, aspirations, activism and community focus. I've been looking to work with others to build/support a local "Zen house" as Bernie described. Anyone know anything going on in the DC / northern VA area? Shoot me an email - I'm looking to network! :)

Franz Fendel's picture

Reading all these comments and seeing these two great clowns against a strange orange background I:m really excited where this journey will lead me.
Looking forward to next round of dreaming

John Eberly's picture

A Buddhist flavored TRON! Can't wait!!

Oh, and of course the Zen House project and Hunger project are wonderful. I'd not heard of SNAP, and in the work I do with a Center for Independent Living, these new programs are essential to the lives of so very many.

Thanks for this.

Parlan McGaw / Meditation for Actors's picture

What a terrific conversation! I really appreciated what Bernie says about first meeting Jeff onscreen as the Dude and later in person, and how it was the same guy -- that Jeff has a remarkable ability to simply BE. And I love what Jeff says about how meditation helps with that and with keeping his work fresh take after take.
It was also great to hear them talk about their involvement and contributions in larger issues in our society. Big hearts.

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Gary Curtis's picture

This was GREAT, very inspiring. I recently saw a story on the news about an individual that transformed a vacant space into a large community garden. This was an individual who had left corporate life to do something meaningful. The output is distributed to the local low income neighborhood. It gives the community involvement and provides fresh healthy produce. I think they even have chickens for eggs, etc. It seems like some form of this might be something to incorporate into Bernie's "Zen House" concept. I too look forward to seeing the next installment.

I find resonance with the idea that when people are "in tune" the society feels better. We don't have that and REALLY need it. I sense a force moving in this country that is awakening people to the ideas of Buddhism. But maybe that's because I'm reading various Buddhist books and publications, meditating and being drawn to like minded individuals.

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[...] May 20, 2010 by Eddie Leave a Comment Tricycle » Jeff Bridges and Bernie Glassman: A Conversation (Part 1). A Tricycle Web Exclusive. [...]

isshin's picture

Agreed was sad to see it abruptly end. I'm looking forward to next week finale. Loved that comment by Bernie-Roshi about the mind being a radio picking up external that the internal is focused on.

nancy lemke's picture

thanks for sending me this truly was a fantastic time w/these two special friends! i look forward to part 2. i must admit i never knew that jeff bridges is a buddhist. his coming upon a reading that said "i am home" to him is similar to me also. buddhism is a "coming home" to many of us! namaste

Christian Williams's picture

Very fun to watch two friends sitting and talking about spending time together and enjoying life. Bernie's idea of the 'Zen House' is a fantastic idea that I can wish I were a part of. As Rich said above, too many people today spend their days depressed and on the verge of death, and we need something like this to inspire our communities and to carry our minds and bodies to the next level of a better world, especially through helping the less fortunate. If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know.

'The Dude' is the dude, and yes, he truly abides, and Mr.Bridges is a classy guy who can only at the very least serve as a catalyst for a wonderful movement towards the betterment of society.

Cheers to Mr.Glassman, Mr.Bridges, and Tricycle Mag for sharing this experience and once again inspiring the need for great change in our world.

Thank you!


Jess's picture

Wow. This interview is AMAZING. Thanks to Bernie, Jeff, and Tricycle!

Richard Babcock's picture

I'm one person, in one community, and would very much like to set up a center which reflects the principles you both discuss. Walking and driving around here is like watching "Dawn of the Dead" flicks, with people SO depressed and undernourished with dark circles around their eyes, under-motivated, etc., iow...a total lack of dignity as you mentioned. In fact gentlemen, the word dignity isn't known here other than a kind of a 'pie-in-the-sky' type of thing...the same way that achieving 'the-american-dream' was held-up as a goal back in the 1950's. I mean that here, dignity itself is the dream rather than the American Dream which is propped-up by nothing other than the drive created by another of the great dreams of our more civilized and thoughtful upper-eschalons of this society, our great and rightful expectations, AND the fulfillment thereof. Well dear friends and respected, thoughtful commentators, I just wanted (as a practicing Dzogchenpa) to present this support of your conversational drive and initiative. May it serve us all and your own services do.

Jamie Hanley's picture

I so enjoyed Bernie Glassman and Jeff Bridges.... very inspiring.

David Hykes/Harmonic Presence Foundation's picture

Jeff Bridges is amazing. May our hearts get less crazy, and the wisdom eventually come! And, Vive la Musique!

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