January 10, 2012

Introducing Tricycle Talks: Ed Herzog, director of Old Plum Mountain

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Today we're introducing Tricycle Talks, our audio interviews with Buddhists of note.

Ed HerzogIn today's Talk (we'll feature at least one every week going forward) we speak with Ed Herzog, director of our current Tricycle Film Club feature, Old Plum Mountain: The Berkeley Zen Center—Life Inside the Gate. In the interview, Ed discusses how he came to choose the Berkeley Zen Center as the subject for his documentary, and how he avoided distracting community members as he lugged a camera through the center during the pressure cooker of sesshin, a weeklong period of intensive practice. Tricycle Members have responded enthusiastically to this intimate portrait of practice at one of the oldest dharma centers in the country.

Listen to Tricycle Executive Editor Philip Ryan's talk with Ed Herzog below. Tricycle Community Members can watch the film here.

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Ed Herzog, director of Old Plum Mountain, Part 1

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Ed Herzog, director of Old Plum Mountain, Part 2