October 20, 2010

Impermanence as a lesson in living

In Week 3 of his Tricycle Retreat, Larry Rosenberg (pictured here speaking at the Cambridge Insight Meditation Center) describes anicca, or impermanence, as a lesson in living. In other words, are we willing to actively engage in loss? Loss here refers to loss of our jobs, livelihood, and money, but it also refers to loss of our youth, our health, our lives.

There's no question that hard things and difficult things happen to us. The question is, what is our reaction to it? What is our relationship to what happens?

Impermanence: "It's as real as thunder!" says Larry. Visit Larry's Tricycle Retreat and join the discussion. Gain access to this and all Tricycle Retreats by becoming a Tricycle Community Sustaining Member.

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