November 05, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Relief

Where Can You Help?

It's been a week since Hurricane Sandy hit the Northeast coast, and the region is still recoiling from the devastation. So many of us along the Eastern coast, including the Tricycle team, have been affected by the storm. Though power is back in Manhattan (and in our office) and its infrastructure is scraping along, most in the coastline regions, and many in the city—in Staten Island, the Rockaways, Red Hook, Coney Island and other areas—remain in dire conditions.

A number of organizations are providing aid to Sandy victims. Now's the time to be generous and giving—not merely as individual Buddhist practice, but as human beings within the larger community. With another storm expected to hit an already crippled, eroded coast on Wednesday evening, aid efforts are paramount now.

Both governmental and non-governmental organizations seem to be responding well and are providing the relief necessary. A number of centers in NYC, especially Staten Island, have supplies being donated at a greater rate than they are being used, and have been forced to turn down donations. So if you're interested in helping out, make sure to first check what's specifically needed and in which areas.

If you're in New York City, we recommend Occupy Sandy, an affiliated relief effort that lists distribution centers and their urgent supply and volunteer needs by neighborhood.

City Harvest is another excellent NYC organization that has launched Hurricane Sandy specific relief efforts to get food to those in need.

For those in New Jersey and other states, Red Cross has been on the front lines since day one. They are pushing personnel and supplies to numerous states and calling for blood donations.

If you know of other reputable relief organizations that need help and support, please share them below. Our hearts go out to those still struggling through the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy—may all beings be free from suffering.


Image: Breezy Point, Queens (Mike Groll/AP Photo)

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nelierea's picture

I can't donate blood because I had cancer and I dont have much cash to donate but I do have extra blankets, coats, flashlights and a space heater (requires electricity, but could work for someone with power but damaged furnace). I live way upstate. Does anyone know of any collection locations upstate where I could bring these and would go to people in need in the city?