April 28, 2010

Huffington Post's James Rotondi on Burma VJ

We covered Burma VJ and its HBO premiere here. Read more information about the film and its premiere from Huffington Post blogger James Rotondi.

Burma VJ: Reporting From A Closed Country airs on HBO on April 27 (1:00 PM), April 30 (4:00 PM), May 2 (11:00 AM, 5:25 AM), May 6 (10:00 AM) and May 12 (12:30 AM). HBO2 will air the film on April 28 (8:00 PM) and May 8 (12:00 Noon). For more information, visit the Burma VJ website, and the Burma Campaign UK.

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Hktony's picture

Any thoughts on the people, Burmese , you lose their jobs? Big companies need cheap labour, and yes the states uses this to give you products at cheap prices. Nevertheless these companies do bring work and improve lives and as the country expands it can stop relying on American companies. This has happened to some extent in china. The US companies exploited the workers but as they got stronger they could stop using American money and choose their own way. For those you complain about china, Chinese factories now avoid American contracts because they often lead to Chinese companies to make a loss and in some cases close down so Americans can have cheap goods.

Paula Johnson's picture

I was repulsed when I saw advertising signs for American companies that were doing business in Burma. I feel ashamed and embarrassed as a US citizen that I was unaware of Canon's presence there. I recently purchased both a Canon digital camera and a Canon printer; I would have chosen another brand had I known what I know now. Consumer, not government efforts, to get corporations to stop doing business in South Africa, helped turn the tide on apartheid. Certainly we can and should do the same thing in Burma. I plan to do some research on companies doing business there, as well as in Iran. I hope others will do the same.