September 10, 2012

Help Buddhist Global Relief Win Millions to Combat World Hunger

Our friends over at Buddhist Global Relief, an all-volunteer organization started by students of Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi that is dedicated to combating chronic hunger and malnutrition, have a lot coming up in the next couple of months. (You can learn more about Buddhist Global Relief by visiting their website here or reading about them in Tricycle here.) Primarily, it's time to sign up for one of Buddhist Global Relief's Walks of Compassion, which raise money for programs that aim to alleviate hunger in the modern world. Here's the schedule:

Saturday, Oct 13
Saturday, Oct 13
Thursday, Oct 25
Saturday, Oct 20
Wednesday, Sept 12
Saturday, Oct 13
Saturday, Oct 13
Sunday, Oct 14
Saturday, Oct 6
Saturday, Oct 13
Saturday, Sept 29


To find out more, register, or donate to Buddhist Global Relief, click HERE.

BGR Walk

Money is tight or you can't make a walk? No problem. You can help Buddhist Global Relief simply by voting for them to win a Chase Community Giving Grant. The 196 charities with the most votes in the program will share $5 million in grants. Votes can be placed between September 6 and September 19.

Here's how:

Facebook Users: Click here to vote!

Chase Customers: Go to, log in, search for "Buddhist Global Relief," and vote!

If you get lost, never fear. Buddhist Global Relief has helpful voting instructions here.

As always in these days of social media, don't forget to spread the word!

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