July 22, 2010

Green Koans: One-Page Dharma

The Venerable Kyobutsu said: “Words of the Dharma for the person aspiring to the world beyond will not exceed a single page.”

Kyobutsu—A 13th century Japanese hijiri (wanderer monk). In spite of the fact that he is the most well-represented figure in the Ichigon-hodan (“One-Word Talks Fragrant with the Dharma”), the most famous collection of Pure Land teachings from the Kamakura period, little is known of his life.

Words of the Dharma—Written teachings, either the sutras themselves or the writings of later Buddhist masters.

The World Beyond—The Western Pure Land of Amitabha, the Buddha of Infinite Light and Life. Pure Land devotees recite Namu-amida-butsu, the name of Amitabha, with the aspiration to be reborn in his land.

Read the rest, including Clark Strand's commentary, here.

[Image: Kanzan and Jitoku Holding an Empty Scroll, by Seiko Morningstar]

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