August 13, 2010

Get Fuzzy on Meditation

Get Fuzzy is a comic strip by Darby Conley. Even though Bucky B. Katt is Not... Quite... There... yet (and there are some popular misconceptions about meditation on display here), I like the cat's notion of peace in pieces.

© Darby Conley

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lizzy's picture

OMG!!! I LOVE Bucky!!!
It's about time someone recognizes the true meaning behind the cartoon!! LOL!

I think it's a great depiction and not a misconception of....

One assumes that the dog is dumb, and quite often he plays that role well, but there is a profoundly zen form of tranquility surrounding him. he's very calm and can see things that others fail to recognize because they are so caught up in over analyzing and trying to find the answers to everything. Some are constantly looking too hard when sometimes it is right in front of you- your reality- but you are too busy looking for it. in astronomy, we sometimes have to focus on everything surrounding the object we want to view. the reason for this is because, once we do this, then the object becomes clearer as opposed to only looking for the said object/nebula/cluster/whatever. "Skinny Bobby" and I just talked about this today, as a matter of fact over at the trike community.

just saying.............GET FUZZY ROCKS!!
i'm babbling, has per usual......later!!

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