December 10, 2012

Generosity as Practice

A Buddhist Holiday Survival Guide

Holiday BuddhaA very Happy Hanukkah to all of the JuBus out there!

So it's one week into the holiday season. How's it going for everyone? Me, I've gone on a holiday decorating rampage in my apartment, which means that even my Buddhist paraphernelia has undergone the Christmas treatment (example at right).

This week on the Tricycle Buddhist Holiday Survival Guide, we don't have any Buddhist decorating tips, but we do have this wonderful dharma talk by Gil Fronsdal, "Generosity as Practice." If you need some backup, our supporting and sustaining members can download Tricycle Teachings: Generosity, our free e-book, here. And Zen priest Brad Warner is still answering practice questions over at "Holiday Season Healing: Ask the Meditation Doctor," so head on that way for advice on your practice during this festive but also frustrating time of the year.

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idaleung1's picture

Does anyone know the name of the book/author written about the dalai lama reaching out to leaders of jewish diaspora studies in an effort to model continuation of tibetan culture in exile? a friend used the term jubu as well. Thanks.

amyfreeman1's picture

The Jew and the Lotus by Roger Kamenetz