October 14, 2009

Freeze-out in DC, thaw in Tibet

Dalai Lama, The Washington Post

The Dalai Lama received a human rights award even though he was avoided by Obama in DC. (Remember the whole kata inauguration thing?) The Dalai Lama asked Obama to "champion liberty" during his acceptance speech.

If the U.S. can't stand up to China a symbolic issue like this, who can? Maybe a country that doesn't owe China more than a trillion dollars. The irony is apparent, sad, and a little tired. White House spokesmen wearily said the President would meet with the DL in November.

Meanwhile, Tibet's glaciers are thawing, says Orville Schell, author of Virtual Tibet and other books on the subject.

[Image: Nancy Pelosi, left, and the Dalai Lama's interpreter, Thupten Jinpa, with the Dalai Lama at a Lantos Foundation for Human Rights and Justice event. (By Melina Mara -- The Washington Post) |   Buy Photo ]

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Ron's picture

Dear Truthsayer: Go meditate on right speech.

Truthsayer's picture

The truth about the Dalai Lama and his policy of persecution:


Namkhah's picture

Dear Truthsayer:
Until WSS publishes an audited financial statement, they are suspected of using charitable donations or even Chinese CPC money to finance airfares and organise free protest junkets for NKT/WSS 'holidaymakers in red'.
Until WSS publishes the names of its organisers, and persists in posting under fake names like 'Lineageholder, etc. to post essentially racist hate propaganda under its legal definition, no one in their right mind will respect you.
Last point, it would be appropriate for WSS/NKT to apologize to the Tibetan people worldwide for divisive and harsh speech and rude, disruptive behavior in general. Of course, it is likely your miscreant type will continue the KKK-style tactics, without the courage to reveal your identity, because NKT would lose its charitable status. The only one of you who publicly acknowledged leadership in the WSS (in his rather nasty letter firing Lucy James) is G.K. Gyatso, whose reputation is so far in tatters there is nothing left to redeem.

Your Pal, Namkhah

Gyalpo's picture

Truthsayer: Firstly: cute name, did you make that up yourself? More to the point is the following question:
Why do 'New Kadamapa' students face sexual abuse from hypocritical and lying so-called 'teachers'? You would do well to address the problems of your own cult rather than use another culture as a distraction from your poor practice. NKT does not consider itself part of Tibetan Buddhism: thats fine–then stay out of matters that do not concern you. If you want to be a 'nangpa', perhaps you had better address the Dharamsala murders linked to the devil cult by Interpol, the expulsion of cult leader Gyatso and other more domestic problems that plague NKT/WSS before going further afield.
Love, Gyalpo

Truthsayer's picture

The Dalai Lama says "champion liberty"

Is that the same kind of liberty that a Dorje Shugden practitioner has to go into a shop in Dharamasala that says "no Shugden practitioners allowed?"

Lawrence's picture

Adam: Hey, it's all grammatically sound, to begin with, and the biggest quasi-non-sequitur in the whole tiny piece was presaged by the title. I for one am glad that the writer feels no need to conform to dry journalistic conventions of "readability".

Maybe you're not grokking the subtle, sudden connections between ostensibly unrelated topics here because you're reading too quickly, unconsciously expecting the writing to conform to some tedious journalistic style & abandoning it when it doesn't --

-- rather than, say, slowing down and enjoying the piece as a poem, even.

Esme Vos's picture

It's sad that this year's Nobel Peace Prize winner can't even be bothered to meet a previous Peace Prize winner.

This year's Nobel should be called the "Grovel" award.

Adam's picture

It is important to proof-read your blogs in order to just simply make sense.