August 03, 2011

Free 20th Anniversary E-book for Tricycle Supporting & Sustaining Members!

Join us in celebrating two decades of Tricycle! With the fall issue, we commemorate our 20th year.

Tricycle Community Supporting and Sustaining Members will receive 20 Years, 20 Teachings, a free e-book that includes some of the best teachings, interviews, and reflections by Tricycle’s top teachers and writers: His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama; Pema Chödrön; Jon Kabat-Zinn, Stephen Batchelor; Lama Surya Das; Joseph Goldstein; Tenzin Palmo; Thanissaro Bhikkhu; Sharon Salzberg; Norman Fischer; Joan Halifax; and many others.

Here’s how:

Join the Tricycle Community at the Supporting or Sustaining Member level. If you are already a Tricycle Community Supporting or Sustaining Member, you are pre-qualified for this special offer. Download your free e-book and start reading immediately.

Already a Tricycle Community Member? Click here to take advantage of this special offer.

And if you haven't already, you'll soon see our special 20th Anniversary Issue in your mailbox or at your local bookstore.

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dearry's picture

I can't seem to see the earlier msgs or history on this blog (Is that just me?), but since I was indeed one of those earler posters who, despite being a current sustaining mbr, could not access the 20th anniversary e-book, pls allow me to say that, for me at least, the problem has been corrected. Today I was able to access the e-book. Still not exactly an intuitive endeavor, but, nevertheless, I was able to eventually put it in a cart and order it, free. I hope this works for my fellow sustaining mbrs, and I appreciate Tricycle's attention to our input.

goldentouch.jymme's picture

Still not working.... Got sent to the order form process... filled it out... then nothing. Good for practicing patience. Thank you and good luck with getting it fixed. I'll look forward to reading it when it's available.

dbgnvan's picture

You can't seem to process a free order going to canada. I DID get the email to download the book, twice in fact. The process didn't seem to end so I tried it again. Second time didn't seem to end either.

the whole process seems a bit more sophisticated than it really needs to be.
e.g. If qualified >>>> go to link >>> download book.

I have the book. Thank you very much.

PS. An "upgrade" link on my account page would be useful. I don't know how to upgrade to the next level of membership.

bilden's picture

I am not seeing the download link...I have been a sustaining member for a while now.

Philip Ryan's picture

Dear bilden, please see comment above! Thanks,

Philip Ryan's picture

The problems we were having with the links above have been fixed. The links in the post now take Sustaining and Supporting Members to the download page for the book.

Many thanks for your patience and enjoy the book!

buddhajazz's picture

not for me this morning :(
don't see the "download" button on my screen

Philip Ryan's picture

If you go to this page, you should see an option to get the book. it is done thorugh the shopping cart but no money is charged to members.