September 10, 2007

Four Legs Good

sound_of_bells.jpgPainter Gregg Chadwick -- see his painting "The Sound of Bells" (40" x 30" oil on linen 2005) at right -- has a show at the Arts Club of Washington (DC) running until September 29th. Press release here. Chadwick is a friend of our friend The Worst Horse. Of course the Horse found him first -- they have the jump on most of the rest of us, having four legs and all.

Read this Prayer for all the World's Deserts -- of course we learned about this from the indispensable Dreaming of Danzan Ravjaa without whose frequent posts we'd know nothing of Mongolia except that it is squeezed, poor country, between Russia and China, and we might remember the words of another traveller (in 1253) the 30-year-old Flemish Franciscan monk William of Rubruck, who wrote of Karakorum:

It has two quarters. In that of the Saracens are the markets, and here a great many Tartars gather on account of the court.... The other is the quarter of the Cathayans, all of whom are artisans.... There are 12 idols' temples of different nations; two mosques... and one Christian church at the very end of the city.

Scholar and prolific translator of Tibetan Buddhist texts, Alan Wallace, is doing a Q & A for Read more about Alan Wallace and his new book. Consciousness. It's a big topic. Probably the biggest.

Prisons are purging religious books, according to the New York Times. We run a Prison Project here at Tricycle and try and provide as much material to people behind bars, but it may just get thrown away once it arrives, according to this article. It all seems to have to do with lists and orthodoxies, like always.

- Philip Ryan, Webmaster

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Gregor's picture

uh. . . Win the case. . .

To much time on the computer I guess. Time to shut it down.

Gregor's picture

Gregg Chadwick creates some great stuff.

Too bad hearing about the purge of religious materials from prisons, I hope the inmates when the case they filed.

Konchog's picture

Aw, g'wan...{kicks dust}

You might ask Alan Wallace about his observations on his first trip to Mongolia this summer, which coincided with the publication of "The Attention Revolution" into the Mongolian language. Alan's wife, Prof. Vesna Wallace, able translator herself and Professor of Indian Buddhist Studies at UC Santa Barbara, has been visiting Mongolia every summer for many years and accumulating valuable research. Dr. Hamid Sardar and Glenn Mullin are also spending a lot of time here. And while I'm just goofing off, they will be the spearhead for the West finally learning in a serious way about this country's profound Vajrayana traditions. Stay tuned!