May 04, 2012

Fleet Maull Week 2 begins Monday, May 7th

This post contains video. View Week 2 Preview now

Beginning Monday, May 7th,  Acharya Fleet Maull will begin his second of four talks on Social Awakening. The topic of his second talk delves into why we as individuals, and the society that we establish, base so many of our decisions off of fear. To explain, Acharya Maull brings in Ken Wilbur's integral theory of human culture into his talk, focusing on the "four quadrants" of our society: interior, exterior, individual, collective. Acharya Maull will be asking us how we can use this model to transform this fear-based culture into a more open-hearted place of being. Please join us on Monday to learn more!

Week 1 of the retreat is available to all members of the Tricycle Community. The remaining 3 weeks are open to Supporting and Sustaining Members of the Tricycle Community.

Check out a preview for the second week below:


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