April 23, 2012

Final Week of Sylvia Boorstein's Retreat!

This post contains video. View Week 4 preview now

Week 4 of Sylvia Boorstein's Tricycle Retreat begins today! The talk this week is "Wisdom: Liberation and Happiness." Sylvia's final talk here wraps up a topic concerning the Metta Sutta, helping to guide us through its teachings on morality, mental disciple, and wisdom.

Thanks to all who watched Sylvia's retreat and participated in the talks. We hope you all enjoyed the videos as much as we did in the Tricycle office. If you would like to support these videos, and other future retreats ahead (such as next month's retreat led by Acharya Fleet Maull), then please sign up as a Sustaining or Supporting Member right here. We look forward to Fleet's retreat next week, and to everyone's participation!


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