April 22, 2013

Final Week of Gina Sharpe's Retreat: Granting Forgiveness

In this last week's teaching of insight meditation teacher Gina Sharpe's retreat, "Granting Forgiveness," she reviews the past weeks' practices that have culminated in the final and most difficult aspect of forgiveness: granting it to those whom we believe have harmed us.

Guiding us from a metta practice into a forgiveness meditation, Sharpe calls on the forgiveness work that we have already done, and asks that we first face our pain, fully feeling all of our emotions, memories, and stories. Then she asks that we let it all go. Reminding us that forgiving others does not necessarily mean reconciliation—forgiveness is an internal, not an external practice—Sharpe lays out a template for a forgiveness practice that can and should last well beyond her four-week retreat.


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Check out the preview of this week's retreat below:

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