January 30, 2012

Film Club: Edge of Dreaming

Edge of DreamingFor our third Tricycle Film Club offering, we're pleased to present Edge of Dreaming, a haunting and meditative film from Scottish filmmaker Amy Hardie that is presented by Alive Mind Cinema. Hardie built a career on making science documentaries, but her faith in the ultra-rational world of scientific inquiry was shaken when she dreamt one night her beloved horse had died only to awaken and discover the dream was true. Not long afterward, her deceased husband appeared to her in a dream and told her that she would die at the age of 48.

Edge of Dreaming follows Hardie as she approaches her 49th birthday. What do the dreams mean? How real are they? The first dream was proven true—did that mean the second would too? Far from being abstract, philosophical inquiries, these questions take on an intensely personal meaning for Hardie and for anyone who has ever wondered how much the world of dreams influences the waking world.

Edge of Dreams begins today at the Tricycle Film Club and plays through the month of February. The full film is available to Supporting and Sustaining Members of the Tricycle Community—and the trailer is available to visitors and basic Members—here.

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