April 22, 2013

Earth Day 2013: The Best of Tricycle's Green Archives

Happy Earth Day! Throughout the years, Tricycle has celebrated the relationship between the teachings of Buddhism and eco-consciousness. In 2009, we decided to walk the walk instead of just talking the talk: we wereJoanna Macy Interview proud to obtain Forest Stewarship Council certification for our paper stock, which means that it comes from "responsibly managed forests." The entire chain of production for the paper we use, from the forests to the pulp providers, mills, merchants, and finally, our printer up in Vermont, have all received FSC certification. 

For Earth Day 2013, we're revisiting the best of our "green" archives. Read, be inspired, and hug a tree (or save that for Arbor Day, on Friday).


The World Without Us, an interview with Alan Weisman. Environmental journalist Alan Weisman's best seller The World Without Us has refreshed and rekindled ecological debates. Here he speaks with contributing editor Clark Strand about global warming, population control, and what the world might look like when we're gone.

How Green is Green? by Daniel Goleman. Environmental awareness plays an increasingly important role in consumer culture. But when does environmentalism become simply clever branding? Goleman investigates the "greenwashing" of products—making them seem more eco-friendly than they actually are.

Allegiance to Life, an interview with Joanna Macy. Joanny Macy, Ph.D., speaks about her new book, Active Hope, on how we can do our part to bring about the world we envision.

Eco-Dharma, by Allan Badiner. Buddhism and environmentalism aren't so different from each other. We just need to wake up to that fact.

Mountains and Waters Sutra, by Zen Master Dogen. Green mountains are always walking. Eastern mountains travel on water.

Radical Confidence, by James Thornton. What's missing from eco-activism.

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