September 27, 2011

David Rome's Tricycle Retreat starts Monday, October 3

David Rome's Tricycle Retreat starts Monday, October 3. "Focusing for Meditators: Accessing the Wisdom of the Felt Sense" is intended for people looking to make a stronger connection between meditation and daily life. As meditators we invest a lot of time and effort in cultivating the mental skills of mindfulness and awareness. The practice of Focusing builds directly on these skills to develop action-oriented intuitive insights into the challenges we encounter "off the cushion." Using contemplative methods from Western psychology and philosophy, Focusing puts us in touch with the subtle level of experience known as the felt sense, where the non-conceptual wisdom of the body can be unfolded. Focusing is a powerful means for working with problems in personal relationships and work settings, helping us gain fresh understanding and energy with which to overcome blocks, make wiser decisions, and feel more fully alive and authentic.

Read Rome's article on Focusing from the Fall 2011 issue of Tricycle here.

Below is a preview of the first week of the retreat. Tricycle Retreats are available to Supporting and Sustaining Members of the Tricycle Community.

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