February 03, 2011

Dalai Lama to chair Peacemaking Summit in Newark, New Jersey

Yesterday afternoon the philanthropist Drew Katz, Newark Mayor Cory Booker, and Buddhist scholar Bob Thurman announced The Newark Peace Education Summit, a 3-day peacemaking summit hosted by the city of Newark in May. The event is co-sponsered by the Drew A. Katz Foundation and Tibet House US. According to the event press release, the summit will be attended by Nobel laureates, civic leaders, organizations, scholars, and activists from all over the world and will include workships and discussion panels that will focus on peace and nonviolence. The Dalai Lama will attend the summit as a chair and keynote speaker at the event.

From the Drew A. Katz Foundation's website:

The Newark Peace Summit will bring local, national, and international activists and thinkers together to highlight the common elements of peacemaking as a basis for creatively engaging basic human potential to solve problems faced by individuals, communities, and nations. It is our sincere wish to bring together extraordinary partners whose creative solutions have fostered peace, dignity, and hope on many levels. The five topics from thematic structure of the Summit are:

• Peace Within

• Peace at Home

• Peace in the Community

• Peace in the World

• Peace with Animals, the Environment, and the Planet

The objective of the summit is to illustrate the importance of nonviolence in today’s society. In addition to the Summit, the organizers also have an interest in partnering with local nonprofits to draw attention to their existing programs. Their efforts will focus on highlighting community building methods to create collaborative partnerships with the intention of making Newark a more peaceful, prosperous and beautiful place to live, study, visit, and work.

Newark Peace Summit

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Philip Ryan's picture

Dear friends, no fighting in an article about Peace Summit! Goodness.

- The Management

Dolgyal's picture

If you refuse to stick to the topic Tricycle sets, the NKT cult's sex scandals and totally reprehensible misbehavior is fair game...wanna fight, Moonie ? We are fully prepared to rebut your ridiculous claims.

Already you resort to ad hominem fallacy, calling me a large forest ruminating ungulate

Dolgyal's picture

Dear Wisdom Moon (aka Lineageholder): I'm not sure what posting links to NKT/WSS cult's racist attack web sites has to do with peace. Why do you mix politics and religion?

Wisdom Moon's picture

Dear Dolgyal (aka moose), we live in a democratic society where people are entitled to learn the truth, especially the truth about people who are lauded as 'peace icons' but who, in fact, have supported violent conflict. If it's true that the Dalai Lama hasn't supported violent conflict, there's no need to say anything, but there's a great body of evidence to show the he has. Nobody likes hypocrisy in politicians, but in a Spiritual Teacher, hypocrisy is even more damaging, so I'm publishing the evidence. If you can prove that the Dalai Lama hasn't done these things, please publish the evidence. Let's look at the facts, not opinions.

boblaughs's picture

"If you can prove that the Dalai Lama hasn't done these things, please publish the evidence."

One cannot prove a negative. Just as in the courts, the responsibility to provide proof of an assertion is on the individual making the assertion. "Wisdom Moon" asserts that the Dalai Lama has done something wrong. "Wisdom Moon" is responsible to supply proof of his or her assertion. The redacted links provided by "Wisdom Moon" are no proof of anything. "Wisdom Moon" is behaving as crude tool of the Chinese government, which has repeatedly shown itself to be interested only in accumulating and retaining absolute control of the Chinese people by whatever means necessary .

Dolgyal's picture

Dear boblauughs:
The gyalpo cultists are slipping ever further into self-deception, the below quote outlines the latest 'peace' proposal from the moderator of the cult website:
"It is time for FPMT to repair their broken samaya with Dharmaphala Dxxxxx Sxxxxxx. Their broken commitments has led to manifesting their teacher Lama Zopa unable to speak and unable to verbally convey the dharma "

This posture is not conducive to harmony among diverse groups and clearly marks a return to the hard line demonic retribution asserted in the 1973 fundamentalist cult classic Yellow Book by Zemey and Trijang, In the preamble to the Yellow Book tales of sudden death and disease at the hands of their supposed enforcer:
"Praise to you, violent god of the Yellow Hat teachings,
Who reduces to particles of dust
Great beings, high officials and ordinary people
Who pollute and corrupt the Geluk doctrine."

I think this is what you call putting the cart before the horse...extreme adulation of an imaginary mascot, who's now running their show.

rinchen_wangmo's picture

Do Not Feed the Troll.

Wisdom Moon's picture

It's great to spread peace and I pray for world peace, but the organizers know that the Dalai Lama instigated armed resistance against the Chinese in Tibet by asking the US Government specifically for military support, and the Tibetan Government in Exile had a paramilitary arm called Establishment 22? These facts have emerged from wikileaks and declassified CIA documents. Even though the Dalai Lama won the Nobel Peace Prize, I would have said that these facts would not make him the perfect choice to chair a peace conference.


(follow the links at the bottom of each article for the whole story)

sevans's picture

This looks fabulous but I haven't been able to find registration info anywhere.