August 15, 2011

Community Discussion: JuBus and Christian Buddhists

In the ongoing Tricycle Community discussion, "What led you to Buddhism?," a number of people mention their Jewish or Christian religious roots. For some, Buddhism has provided the means to get away from a tradition that doesn't resonate with them; for others, Buddhism has enhanced their native religion, which they continue to practice.

A new Tricycle Community discussion explores the topic of Western religious roots and Buddhist practice. If you come from a Jewish or Christian background and have either converted to or become influenced by Buddhism, what is the relationship between your religious roots and your current Buddhist practice? Does Judaism or Christianity inform your Buddhism? Do Judeo-Christian symbols continue to resonate with you? Or have you rejected all aspects of the Christian tradition? Is it even possible to make Christianity and Buddhism compatible? What, if anything, do you lose when you conflate them? Has your practice of Buddhism changed your relationships with Christian friends and family?

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