July 29, 2011

Comments on Pleasure and Pain

We've reached the end of Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo's Tricycle Retreat on the Eight Worldy Concerns. This week, Jetsunma will not be able to respond to questions until the weekend. The comments concerning Jetsunma's teaching on Pleasure and Pain have certainly been thought-provoking. One retreatant writes:

Some might say we are what we fear. What do you fear? Are you even aware of everything you are afraid of? Are you aware of why you are afraid of the things you fear? How much does fear control your life? Do you avoid making choices because you fear the outcomes? Are there some tasks that make your stomach turn just to contemplate them?

Another remembers some wise words about suffering:

I'll never forget what Frank Berliner, a teacher at Naropa University, once said "the Buddha didn't call it the First God Awful Truth, he called it the First Noble Truth."

While our next retreat, Professor Rita Gross on Buddhist History for Buddhist Practitoners, begins Monday, you'll want to check back in for Jetsunma's final round of answers for the Eight Worldly Concerns!

Image: paranoidiot

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