December 23, 2010

Coming January 3rd: The Ten Perfections retreat with Thanissaro Bhikkhu

Thai forest monk Thanissaro Bhikkhu, also called Than Geoff, is well known in the Buddhist community for his translations of texts from the Pali Canon. (His prolificacy is nearly proverbial among book-writing Buddhists!) You can find his canonical translations on Access to Insight, and you can listen to a large number of his dhamma talks and writings on

Starting Monday, January 3rd, Tricycle will feature a four-week video retreat with Than Geoff, on the subject of the Ten Perfections, or as they're known in Pali, the paramis. (See Than Geoff's study guide to the paramis here.) The retreat was filmed at Metta Forest Monastery, in balmy San Diego County, so it may warm some of your January blues away! Thanissaro Bhikkhu is abbot here, and it's quite a beautiful spot, on a hilltop surrounded by an avocado grove. You can visit too, if you're in the area.

A preview of Than Geoff's Week 1 talk is below. To participate in the full retreat starting January 3rd, join the Tricycle Comunity at the Supporting or Sustaining Member level.

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