February 23, 2011

Clark Strand to speak on 12 Steps of Ecological Recovery at Judson Church

We're all addicted to destoying the Earth. But we don't have to continue doing it.

Clark Strand will be speaking about the 12 Steps to Ecological Recovery this Friday at Judson Memorial Chruch in New York City. Read about this exciting event here. You can also download a PDF about the event.

Clark Strand's extraordinary movement bringing together ecologically minded people of all walks of life is gaining in force and strength every day—and would you believe it began right here at Tricycle? At least that's what we like to say. Here's a quick look at some of Clark's recent work with us:

Green Bodhisattva: Restored to Sanity

Green Koans—an ongoing series about green readings of classic Buddhist stories

Turn Out the Lights—Green Meditation explored

Green Meditation Retreat—Green practice in action

So if you'll be in the New York area Friday, please stop by. the church is located on Washington Square and the talk will be free of charge and open to the public. Following the hour-long presentation there will be a short question-and-answer period.


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