February 04, 2010

China's handpicked Panchen Lama "elected" Vice President of Buddhist group

As reported by phayul.com:

Dharamsala, February 4 – The handpicked “11th Panchen Lama Gaincain Norbu” has been “elected” as one of the 25 vice presidents of the Buddhist Association of China on Wednesday, according to the state-run Xinhua news agency.

Speaking at the closing ceremony of the eighth national conference of the Buddhist Association of China in Beijing, the 19 year-old appointed by China to replace the boy recognized by the Dalai Lama said he would “uphold the leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC), adhere to socialism, safeguard national unification, strengthen ethnic unity and improve Buddhist exchanges, on the basis of adherence to the law and love for the nation and Buddhism.”

For the entire article click here.

For more information on Gendhun Choekyi Nyima, the 11th Panchen Lama click here.

11th Panchen Lama

Gaincain Norbu

Left image: Gendhun Choekyi Nyima (last photo before going missing in 1995), Right image: Gaincain Norbu

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Gyalpo's picture

This particular Panchen is said to be parented by two state security agents. The Chinese Communist Party experiment controlling reincarnations has been underway for many years. Dzemay Tulku, the dolgyal cult 'scholar' enthroned in Tibet is a recent high profile example.
The ultimate prize will be to use the supposedly historic 'golden urn' system to select a CPC-approved 15th Dalai Lama in the near future.
So we, or our children, may well have two Dalai Lamas as well as two Gyalwa Karmapas.

Chris's picture

Unbelievable! I cannot believe the audacity of China to pull such a major stunt. This is by far the most humiliating thing that has happened in all of China's history, to select a Panchen Lama "To uphold communist views?" This is laughable to the point of not being funny at all! First of all, where is the boy that the Dalai Lama picked to begin with?, They say he is under house arrest with his family in tow somewhere in China? I think that is B.S., I believe they probably had them all executed to stop him or his family from ever escaping Chinese communist rule and get back to Tibet or even to Dharamsala to be in exile with His Holiness! I was up early this morning and had gone to the library here in Binghamton New York yesterday to sign out some dvd's of the Dalai Lama, I was watching one in which it showed the painstaking efforts to find the Panchen Lama, and how when he was found and recognized by H.H.,The Chinese scooped him up and disregarded what H.H. said about him. I could not believe what I was watching, I had not known the story and was appaled to see this unfolding before me. I really hope they did not execute him or his family, but knowing the history of communist China, I don't hold out much hope. At any rate, there will be a rebirth and he will be recognized in his next life somewhere, either in Tibet or India. All I can really say to this is, FREE TIBET, FREE TIBET, FREE TIBET!!!!!