September 05, 2007

Change Your Mind Day 2007 and the Village Zendo

roshi_headshot.jpgA fun day today as (Tricycle Associate Publisher) Allison Steinberg and I trooped over to Village Zendo here in Manhattan to film Roshi Pat Enkyo O'Hara for Change Your Mind Day 2007. That's her over to the right. Thanks for your help, roshi! Village Zendo is housed in a very beautiful space on lower Broadway, but the sangha's tenancy there is unfortunately threatened by steadily rising commercial real estate prices.

This year, Tricycle won't be hosting a day of meditation in Central Park as we've done in years past, but will instead be hosting CYMD online. We'll provide some audio and video dharma to chew on, and also provide as much information as we can gather about all the great CYMDs happening around the country -- so keep us posted if you have any information! The date this year will be September 15th.

- Philip Ryan, Webmaster

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