November 07, 2012

Caption Contest: Win a Free One-Year Membership to Tricycle!


To mark the release of the Winter 2012 edition of Tricycle, which hit newsstands yesterday, we're hosting a caption contest right here on the Tricycle blog! First prize winner gets a free one-year supporting membership on, the new issue of Tricycle mailed to their door, and a very special Rubin Museum Himalayan NYC guide, which offers exclusive discounts at Himalayan-affiliated restaurants, shops, yoga centers, and more in New York City. Runners-up will receive the Winter 2012 issue of Tricycle and a Himalayan NYC guide.

So, think you've got the Buddhist cleverness it takes to win? Please provide the wittiest caption you can for the photo below, which just so happened to be the cover of our Fall 2005 issue. You can enter your caption in the comments section until 2 PM tomorrow, November 8, when the contest officially closes.

If you have already shared your caption on our Facebook page, kindly do not re-post it here! We will be monitoring both in order to choose the winners.

Good luck!

Caption Contest

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Rachael Wass's picture

I'll take the Zen stick anyday

Rachael Wass's picture

No really...It all makes sense now!

Rachael Wass's picture

"Look hands"

Danny's picture

The Enlightened One says, "hold fast to your hairpiece in heavy winds."

Dominic Gomez's picture

"Especially you, Mr. Trump."

Dominic Gomez's picture

"ALTOGETHER NOW!!! It's a small world after all, it's a small world after all..."

Emma Varvaloucas's picture

The contest has officially closed. Any submissions made after this comment will not be considered. Thank you everybody for the laughs! We will be notifying the winners soon.

celticpassage's picture

Holy Cow!

geoffhbennett's picture

Equanimity, through the ups and downs of life.

geoffhbennett's picture


aicram0404's picture


omasusan54's picture

Buddah said there would be days like these!!

Tharpa Pema's picture

"Earnest trainees, do not be amazed by the true dragon."

Fukanzazengi by Dogen

grantfriz's picture

This is impermanent impermanent IMPERMANENT!

ddunaway's picture

Stoked Dharma!!!

tspots's picture

I wish Osho were here

rusty's picture

Let Go

mtimpany's picture

The letting go of attachment.

thenadeaujonathan's picture

All aboard the Great Vehicle to go through the ups and downs of Samsara.

sreaker's picture

Ticket to amusement park... $20.00. Disposable camera... $10.00. Freedom from suffering... priceless.

jmfrey's picture


justsit12's picture

I resolve to avoid getting sick. I resolve to remain seated. I resolve to ride again.

Colleen Miller's picture

Form is empty; emptiness is form

dharmajim's picture

Being fully present

nicoleann's picture

The only thing worse than falling? The fear of falling.

Danbaba's picture


joshpanter's picture

ZOMG! Roller Coaster of Samsara!

simonemaleschewski's picture

We're all gonna die!

twilliams634's picture

As the monks meditated on the wisdom of "emptiness" their stomachs provided a little "emptiness" of their own !!

g_le_b's picture

Must remain mindful...even when the robe becomes wet!

noeman5's picture

Somehow, I don't think this is the "letting go" that the Dharma speaks of.