October 23, 2007

Bush v. Burma

U.N. special envoy Ibrahim Gambari says he is encouraged by India's stance on Burma. Few details were provided, so we should take it this means India is willing to do "something."

bush_warlord.jpgMeanwhile Burma's southeast Asian neighbors fear ethnic conflict if Burma's government collapses. (This is essentially begging President Bush not to bomb Burma. Bush will bomb Burma then eat a short stack of buckwheat flapjacks with a side of bacon and a refill on that coffee when you get a second, please, sweetheart. The man doesn't play games with this kind of thing. He's like the character in the Western where, someone whispers to him, "Rumor has it the McConnell Boys gonna rob the bank in East Jesus tomorrow." That's all it takes. Bush'll walk right over to that saloon where them McConnell Boys get their drink on and make swiss cheese of the whole place and no foolin'. Then go back and finish those flapjacks. Image © warlordsofafghanistan.com) Ethnic conflict is no joke in Burma -- many groups are fighting the government in remote areas, and tragically, child soldiers play a major part on both sides of the conflict.

The Myanamar junta is allowing a U.N. human rights inspector, Paolo Sergio Pinheiro, to visit the country. These are all results of constant firm pressure from the West. No pressure, no results. Special envoy Gambari will be back in Burma next month.

And check out this amazing item from the Worst Horse: dharmagrrl! Buddhism is going places, man.

Also, if you have a strong stomach, read this horrifying article about the Texas-sized (literally) garbage patch in the Pacific. I saw a sad / funny video about this on the lovely and charming Blue Egg a while back.

- Philip Ryan, Web Editor

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Lauren's picture

I don't see how clever depictions of Cowboy W embody right speech. I had hoped that this blog different would from everything else out there. I still have the article from the fall 2004 issue, "Seven Reasons Why It's Better Not to Hate Them (even if they are really horrible, greedy, corrupt, and completely deserve it ...)" by Diana Winston. It's perhaps even more timely today. When I attend the NYC peace march this weekend, I am going to try very hard not to waste energy on "anti-them" sentiment. I want my actions, speech, and thought to promote dialogue and understanding. Please help me in my efforts.